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    shenzhen ONSU electronic technology co.,LTD Is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of data communication cable wholly foreign owned enterprise, main set of data cable of the development, design, production and the sale in a body specialized enterprise, the XunTong in cable and connectors industry already develop broad world and become the industry leader. Strong development team, good quality management and improve customer service is the root cause of the high speed development and make it a domestic and international famous manufacturer of selecting the partners.Hon XunTong have a united, progressive and innovative team, DuoNian to us to the rich work experience and exquisite specialized technology for many domestic and foreign customers with the economic connection scheme, access to the customer affirmation and praise. Products include computer data, network data and control data turn lose cable, daily output of more than 20000 a.This company product variety, economic and practical. Such as computer peripheral series; DVI, HDMI cables, Cable IEEE488.1284.1394 Cable, USB&HDB series, BNC cables and RS232 serial, parallel Cable, VGA Cable, SCSI outside wiring, SCSI built-in line, multimedia laptop special Cable, musical instrument digital interface Cable, many computer Cable, PCMCIA core cables, Cable, LVDS Y Cable Cable, PDA Cable; The network cable series;Communication equipment joint cable, high speed data communication connector cable, the router equipment special cable (v. 35 * 24 * 200 PIN) modem cable, transceiver cable, infrared cable, terminal device, adapter, the Internet phone line, monitoring line, digital camera line, GPS satellite positioning tracking system to the connecting cable, car testing system, security system special connecting cable and phone service instrument cables (BOX), AC/DC video line.After the depending on the monitor system, the multimedia system, digital color CRT television, TFT LCD TV, automobile electronic reverse backsight system connections.
    Due to the development of the company big in 2011 started medical department mainly professional development, production and sales of medical electronic device parts and consumables, which are widely used in monitor, the blood oxygen meter, the electrocardiogram machine, HOLTER, electroencephalography, B ultrasonic, tire of prison instruments such as connecting cable, body temperature series wire and cable machines connecting cables, the product specification is complete, can compatible with most of the imported and domestic models, the company's product is non-toxic, tasteless, and strong toughness, high reliability and anti-interference, fight clean disinfection and other advantages, the company quality assurance system has been exports, TS16949, ISO9001 system authentication.

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